Humour Challenge

Guys, today our work life is full of challenges. Many of us find our work life quite complex, stressful and down to death boring. Many of us feel the best days of our lives were our school or college days when life was so much fun.

Does work need to be so complex, stressful and mundane?  I don’t think so. It can be made simpler, much easy and more enjoyable without compromising on output. Infact a simpler and enjoyable work culture would increase output.

Guru N CXOsThrough my caricature named ‘Strategy Guru’, Prof Rajesh has taken up this challenge of making strategy simpler and more enjoyable in his book titled ‘Strategic Humour- Democratising Strategy’. In this book I explain complex strategic concepts in a simple and hilarious way to a group of confused top management of my client. Here is a story from the book. The story is titled ‘Strategic Positioning: YES! She is Still Beating Me!’

In this I explain the problem of mindless must have choice of either cost leadership or differentiation strategic positioning to the confused top management of my client.

Most of us like to ‘choose’ one position on strategy. Either this or that! But is it really possible in each case, I am not sure.

Let me take you through a hilarious real-life instance that will answer the above question.

A lawyer was questioning Buddhimaan ji in the court, asking him to reply with just a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. Buddhimaan ji said it was not possible. However, the lawyer was hell bent on the fact that it was possible and it was only a matter of making a choice. When Buddhimaan ji saw how adamant the lawyer was, he challenged him back to do the same with just one question that Buddhimaan ji would ask him instead. The lawyer agreed.

Buddhimaan ji asked the lawyer Sir! Is your wife still beating you?

The lawyer was obviously speechless or ‘choiceless’.

However, he did think to himself, “Damn! I can never tell the truth. YES! She is still beating me.”

Today, increasing number of companies are able to do both cost leadership and differentiation through innovations.

I challenge you to pick up some part of your work or some jargon from your work and explain it in a simple and humours way or just share a humourous experience from your work. I suggest you to challenge your friends and colleagues to do the same. Please share your video link here or your story here and we will share some of the selected stories here.

Let’s bring humour back in our work life!

Let’s make our work life simpler and more enjoyable!         




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