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It demystifies strategy, brings strategy down from ivory towers to business executives and adds a fresh perspective of humour.

Take Aways / Benefits

Participants will be able to understand strategy better, relate better with strategy, and remember strategy concepts for a longer time.

Why Strategic Humour Workshop?

Strategy is one of the most widely mis-used and mis-understood terms in management. In earlier times, educated priests in India used Sanskrit language as the primary form of all literature. However, this meant that all the information was out of reach for majority of the Indians.

Strategy holds a similar position in the business world today. It is often related as something of interest to a limited few in the top management of organisations. It is often considered a serious and difficult concept.

But is it the correct way? Does it help in understanding strategy? Do people associate themselves with strategy? Without understanding and association of people, can we get good results from strategy?

Objectives of Strategic Humour Workshop

The humour workshop explains and communicates strategy using day-to-day concepts in a manner that it allows a majority of us to relate with it.

It helps to bring down strategy from ivory towers to business executives at all levels.

It brings a fresh perspective to strategy using humour.

It increases the understanding of strategy among business executives.

It helps to remember various concepts for a longer time.

Workshop Contents

Demystifying Strategy

Creating Humour

Strategic Humour

Target Audience

CXOs, HR heads, strategy heads, trainers, and business executives.

Workshop Faculty

pic1Dr. Rajesh K. Pillania is a prolific researcher and writer on strategy. In a recent study he is ranked jointly number one in average research productivity among management faculty in India for research output from 1968 to 2014. He is on the advisory board of many international research journals, professional bodies and conferences consisting of leading international academicians, industry leaders and policy makers.

He has worked in the North America, South America, Europe and Asia and his academic and research experience includes Management Development Institute (Gurgaon, India); University Business School, Panjab University (Chandigarh, India); R. H. Smith School of Business¸ University of Maryland (Maryland, USA); Harvard University (Boston, USA); and MCI Management Centre (Innsbruck, Austria) among others.

He holds a PhD (Corporate Strategy) and MBA. His areas of expertise and interest are strategy, innovations, global strategy, business models and strategic humour. For details kindly visit:


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